White Pants, Don’t Care…

“Never wear white after Labor Day.”

We’ve all heard it.  We’ve all followed it. Now it’s time to engage in a revolution of sorts.  I don’t know about you, but white is one of the greatest, most versatile colors (or lack thereof…) to wear year-round

While white tops and dresses, especially, have found themselves soaking up the spotlight on some recent fall/winter runways and red carpets, it is time for the white pant to follow.  Honestly, if you live anywhere warm, the chances of you actually wanting to wear pants in the summer, regardless of color, is slim – it’s hot, muggy, and humid! Just thinking about those words make me instantly feel bad for any pair of legs subjected to a ‘pants prison’ in the summer heat.

Now’s the time to give the white pants some cozy, winter love. Here’s how to take white from beachside to fireside!


This girl has it all right. Slouchy boots, structured blazer, polished scarf, oversized bag, and ass-kicking aviators. Casual and put together. What’s not to love, seriously.


I’m sorry, but there is no explanation needed.  Victoria Beckham can do no wrong, end of story.


Oh, okay Zoe Saldana. Could she be more chic right now? This may be an older picture, but the girl knows how to rock a neutral palate. This outfit needs to be on me, like, now. 


So call me crazy, but I’m not in love with the awkward rust/brown colored, mini-peacoat..thing.  Maybe its the ballooning at the base of the arms. Just not feeling it. But it is still a great example of an epic white pants crossover.

And the ‘white (pant) fight’ continues…

What are your thoughts!?