Happy Saturday!

Hello friends!  

My talented best friend created a custom illustration for The Style Verdict and I just couldn’t wait to share until next week!  She is the artist behind Melsy’s Illustrations and I think you’re going to love her work.  Check out this beauty below! 


For more info on her products visit her Etsy Shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/Melsys


Have a wonderful weekend – I have some good stuff planned for next week so stay tuned! 




90s Revival, DWTS, and 3 Must-Have Pieces for Fall…

Good afternoon, friends! I’m proud to report that there were no crazy makeup mishaps this morning and all the product went where it was supposed to…Mondays can really throw you for a loop.  It did, however, redeem itself in the form of Dancing with the Stars.  Now, I never actually watched this show for more than 4 consecutive minutes before last night, but there was something about the cast that really intrigued me – hello, if Bill Nye The Science Guy was going to be dancing, you know I’d be watching! Also, my inner Disney teen was probably far too excited to see Corbin Bleu, and that trashy-reality TV version of myself was definitely looking out for Snooki (er, Nicole…) – who, by the way, actually looked gorgeous and incredibly fit, which is obviously a far cry from her days on the Shore. I have to say, I was pretty impressed with the dancing and definitely touched by the underlying message of determination and strength as exhibited by the two contestants struggling with debilitating diseases: Jack Osbourne and the lovely Valerie Harper.  Did I just find my new guilty pleasure?


Image Cred: CBS

In other news, apparently Timberland boots are being revived from the 90s grave they were buried in and are fashionable again.  I’m sorry, but,… what?  I get it, they are considered to be a little piece of Americana, a little glimpse into urban street style, but to be fair, they. are. work. boots.  So, unless you plan on doing some carpentry or want to get busy rewiring some faulty electrical work, please, take them off.  It kind of baffles me that some of the world’s most noteworthy fashion designers are all about this trend.  Take the glorious designer of BCBG and Herve Leger, Max Azria, for example.  In an interview by Yahoo, he states: “It could be very stylish if you do a contradiction with a very feminine dress with these tough shoes. The balance is fantastic and very sexy.” I understand the whole androgynous, mixed sexuality, artistic angle you’re advocating, but Max, but if I’m going to be feminine, I’m going to wear pumps, not work. boots.  My girl, Rebecca Minkoff came to the rescue with a resounding “no” when asked if it were in style.  She gets me. And, now you know.


Finally, these 3 fab runway trends are totally do-able for Fall: leopard/animal print, leather, and emerald green.

Burberry Fall 2013 Runway Show

Image Cred: Burberry

Oh Burberry, how pretty are you.  I’ve never been a big animal print lover; however, I’ve learned over time that moderation with (mostly) anything, including prints, is A-okay.  Since the New York Fall Fashion Week in the Spring, I’ve been on a mad hunt for a good pair of leopard pumps or flats.  Because trends change in an instant, I’ll probably settle on something more affordable, but, how cute are these, Loubs?!

Christian Louboutin

Image Cred: Christian Louboutin

As I sit here and type in my leather moto jacket by Zara, I can wholeheartedly say, I’ve bought into this craze.  There’s something special about leather that adds instant glam to even the most casual outfits.  Dressed up or dressed down, a touch of this versatile fabric can really pump up your chic factor. My next must-have? Leather leggins.


Image Cred: inaworldofbees.com

Lauren Conrad

Image Cred: Lauren Conrad

Move over burgundy, there’s a new deep hue in town: emerald green.  This color hit the runways (thanks, Pantone) in full force and I’m not mad about it.  What a beautiful color. Why haven’t we been this obsessed with it before!? Let’s all go get some emerald anything and be the gems that we are…(I was well overdue for a pun…)


Image Cred: fashionista.com

What are you working into your Fall wardrobe!?



Fabulously Functional: Versatile Jewels…



Let’s kick off the weekend with some fun accessories! Have you ever attended a home shopping party?  I hadn’t, until Wednesday and man, was I missing out.  What better excuse to look at amazing items, in my case lovely little bobbles from Stella & Dot, and spend some quality time with girlfriends (and some good wine, too)!


Now, I have been familiar with Stella & Dot jewelry for quite sometime; however, I never quite realized just how versatile each piece can be.  Sure, that intricate beaded statement necklace may be $128, but, when it can be worn in 5 different ways (yes, 5), now you’re looking at $25 per necklace and that’s definitely a win in my mind.

Prepare to be amazed:


And the magic doesn’t end with necklaces, how about a scarf that doubles as a beach coverup!? Ya, I know… “no, way”…but, “yes, yes way!” Check it out!

Looks like a regular scarf, right? Wrong! Click on the picture for a step-by-step video on it’s big transformation capabilities!


I also wasn’t truly aware of the message behind the company or the incentives of hosting a party.  Stella & Dot’s Founder and CEO, Jessica Herrin, created the company in the deep-rooted belief that having a successful home business run by the everyday, modern woman is possible.   Because as Jessica states, “nine-to-five just doesn’t flatter.” Fun Fact: Herrin, at just 24, created the website, The Wedding Channel.  She’s kind of amazing. 

From scarves to bags to wallets, and of course their signature chic and effortless jewelry, each piece is quality crafted and appears to mirror Jessica’s empowering message for the smart, stylish woman.

I’m definitely sold on everything from the products to the people standing behind them.  Now I just have to get some girls together and have a party of my own!  Who’s in?!

Here’s to friends, fabulous finds, and a fashionable weekend!