5 Fashion Rules Men & Women Should Follow…

Happy Tuesday, Y’all.  So I’ve been thinking.  We always hear so much about fashion “don’ts,” but never enough about what we should be doing.  That’s not fair, so I thought it would be fun to put together a short list of some of the top unisex guidelines that can take our personal style from drab to fab!

1. It’s All About The Fit


In other words, you wear the clothes, they don’t wear you.  A tailored fit can mean all the difference between looking put-together and looking like you literally just got dressed in the dark…in someone else’s closet…who is 3 sizes bigger (or smaller) than you.  Guys and girls alike struggle with this style staple for a variety of reasons – weight loss or gain, money restraints, the ‘comfort’ factor, or they simply fail to make a fashionable appearance a priority.  Interestingly enough, many of those issues are remedied by wearing the correct size clothes.  Most often people who feel like they have gained a few pounds here or there (who hasn’t!) can frequently make themselves appear larger with ill-fitting garments.  If money your hangup, don’t let it be!  Whether it’s a $100 dollar Rag & Bone T-shirt or a $10 one from Walmart, as long as it fits, it can look great and be an asset to your wardrobe.


And even if keeping up with the latest trends isn’t your cup of tea,  keeping an eye on the size should be – it can payoff in more ways than one.  Remember that looking presentable can not only make you feel empowered and confident, but both CNN and Forbes have confirmed a direct correlation between dressing well and job opportunity and promotion.  Clothing companies have capitalized on this notion and have expanded their collections to include a variety of fits such as “skinny,” “modern,” or “tailored.”  Having these options make it easier than ever before to achieve the perfect look that accentuates everyone’s unique shape!  Looks like size does matter.

2. Be Polished – Even If You’re Scruffy

 Ryan Gosling

Let’s face it, us humans are generally one hairy population.  Some of us have long hair, some with short, men have facial hair, women hopefully don’t, it can be curly, straight, wavy, course, silky, fine, thick, thin…the list can go on forever.  Whether you’re prim and proper or rockin’ an edgy vibe, it’s important to tame those tresses so you look hott and not like a hott mess.  Don’t get me wrong, I get the “I-just-rolled-out-of-bed-and-I’m-naturally-this-fantastic” look, but even people who claim that that really happened, put at least some effort into their appearance.  It’s not being ‘vain,” it’s being the best you, you can be.

3. Good Hygiene Can Go A Long Way


Just be clean, you guys.  Nobody likes a smelly person.  I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve been in a confined space (think elevator, train, office…) with someone who could use a shower or at the very least, body spray, a mint, and some deodorant.  For anyone who lives in or around a big city, go on Facebook on like a Thursday (the faux Friday when everyone is irritated) and check out all the statuses about their public transit experiences.  You’ll laugh (because you know their sentiments are true) and simultaneously feel really bad for them.  You could be wearing a Tom Ford tux that fits you to a T, but if you’re emitting some foul odor, it doesn’t even matter – “it’s what’s under the clothes that counts” couldn’t ring more true (a clean body, people…this is a G-rated blog).  Don’t be the target of a “stinky person” status.  Shower, it’s that simple.  Also, brush your teeth.

4. Accessories Are Fun


Whether you’re a man or woman, you can accessorize.  I think us girls are really comfortable with this one, especially now where you almost feel naked without a scarf, sunglasses, necklace, at least 2 bracelets, or any combination of the above.  So often, though, guys shy away from this word for fear of appearing too feminine.  I’m obviously not saying to go paint your nails and throw on some bangles, but, wearing a nice watch, sturdy belt, and some fashionable and functional (guys, get excited about items serving a purpose) eyewear can really pull an outfit together. Throw on an accessory or two and go be all sexy and whatnot.

5. Invest In A Good Pair of Shoes


The best type of shoe for any gender is one that is the perfect balance of style and comfort, and one that can be worn to a variety of events.  When purchasing footwear, I always try to envision the places I’d wear them to.  So those $300 fuchsia stilettos are cute, but how practical will they be when you have an interview to go on or a family event to attend.  Unless either of those are taking place in a club, you’re probably going to have to shell out more money on some new shoes.  Same goes for men.  That’s great that you have 8 pairs of sneakers, but, unless you are a professional runner, you should probably get yourself a pair of dress shoes that can be worn casually and to work.  While we’re on this topic, everyone please stop wearing sneakers with jeans.  I know we’ve all done it, and I know sometimes its “easy,” and know that I love you, but, just…stop.




90s Revival, DWTS, and 3 Must-Have Pieces for Fall…

Good afternoon, friends! I’m proud to report that there were no crazy makeup mishaps this morning and all the product went where it was supposed to…Mondays can really throw you for a loop.  It did, however, redeem itself in the form of Dancing with the Stars.  Now, I never actually watched this show for more than 4 consecutive minutes before last night, but there was something about the cast that really intrigued me – hello, if Bill Nye The Science Guy was going to be dancing, you know I’d be watching! Also, my inner Disney teen was probably far too excited to see Corbin Bleu, and that trashy-reality TV version of myself was definitely looking out for Snooki (er, Nicole…) – who, by the way, actually looked gorgeous and incredibly fit, which is obviously a far cry from her days on the Shore. I have to say, I was pretty impressed with the dancing and definitely touched by the underlying message of determination and strength as exhibited by the two contestants struggling with debilitating diseases: Jack Osbourne and the lovely Valerie Harper.  Did I just find my new guilty pleasure?


Image Cred: CBS

In other news, apparently Timberland boots are being revived from the 90s grave they were buried in and are fashionable again.  I’m sorry, but,… what?  I get it, they are considered to be a little piece of Americana, a little glimpse into urban street style, but to be fair, they. are. work. boots.  So, unless you plan on doing some carpentry or want to get busy rewiring some faulty electrical work, please, take them off.  It kind of baffles me that some of the world’s most noteworthy fashion designers are all about this trend.  Take the glorious designer of BCBG and Herve Leger, Max Azria, for example.  In an interview by Yahoo, he states: “It could be very stylish if you do a contradiction with a very feminine dress with these tough shoes. The balance is fantastic and very sexy.” I understand the whole androgynous, mixed sexuality, artistic angle you’re advocating, but Max, but if I’m going to be feminine, I’m going to wear pumps, not work. boots.  My girl, Rebecca Minkoff came to the rescue with a resounding “no” when asked if it were in style.  She gets me. And, now you know.


Finally, these 3 fab runway trends are totally do-able for Fall: leopard/animal print, leather, and emerald green.

Burberry Fall 2013 Runway Show

Image Cred: Burberry

Oh Burberry, how pretty are you.  I’ve never been a big animal print lover; however, I’ve learned over time that moderation with (mostly) anything, including prints, is A-okay.  Since the New York Fall Fashion Week in the Spring, I’ve been on a mad hunt for a good pair of leopard pumps or flats.  Because trends change in an instant, I’ll probably settle on something more affordable, but, how cute are these, Loubs?!

Christian Louboutin

Image Cred: Christian Louboutin

As I sit here and type in my leather moto jacket by Zara, I can wholeheartedly say, I’ve bought into this craze.  There’s something special about leather that adds instant glam to even the most casual outfits.  Dressed up or dressed down, a touch of this versatile fabric can really pump up your chic factor. My next must-have? Leather leggins.


Image Cred: inaworldofbees.com

Lauren Conrad

Image Cred: Lauren Conrad

Move over burgundy, there’s a new deep hue in town: emerald green.  This color hit the runways (thanks, Pantone) in full force and I’m not mad about it.  What a beautiful color. Why haven’t we been this obsessed with it before!? Let’s all go get some emerald anything and be the gems that we are…(I was well overdue for a pun…)


Image Cred: fashionista.com

What are you working into your Fall wardrobe!?



My Vacation with the President…


Okay, okay… so that was a small huge exaggeration. But, we were on Martha’s Vineyard together, soo… it’s basically the same thing, right?  This past weekend my family and I took a mini vaycay to a lovely little island off the coast of Massachusetts.  If you’ve been following any of my posts over the last year, it should be pretty apparent that I’m a sucker for anything preppy, quaint, oceanside, and/or cobblestoned.  So you can imagine my excitement when I arrived to find that MV has beautifully married all of these wonderful qualities.  




The first night, we went to dinner at this amazing hidden gem located in Edgartown called The Terrace at the Charlotte Inn.  Living up to their tagline: “behind the times on purpose,” this place is truly one of a kind in decor, elegance, and service.  I don’t think I’ve ever compared a restaurant to a “work of art,” but, I’m making an exception here.  Every room and outdoor space that we were fortunate enough to explore were immaculate.  Each item appeared like it was hand picked with the space in mind and nestled with precision among the other fabulous treasures original to the home.  One room, in particular, was the perfect backdrop for an after-dinner drink.  Mahogany walls, a fireplace flanked by leather chairs, equestrian trinkets, antique paintings, and silver serving sets filled the room – think, the dream study you never had (and if you do have such a study, I’m coming over…).  

I think with all my fascination with the decor, I’ve forgotten about the food.  Two words: so. good.  We began with decanted red wine, fresh-baked rolls, and french onion soup.  Everything was hot, healthy, and flavorful.  For my meal, I chose a roasted chicken dish served with potatoes and veggies.  The real star here was the dessert.  If you aren’t drooling yet, prepare yourself – homemade. sea salt caramel. gelato. with chocolate ganache.  Just sayin’, it was the closest to Heaven that my taste buds are ever going to get.  Bonus:  Apparently this is a celebrity hotspot.  I just can’t vouch for which ones.  The waitress we had was very hush hush about it, as those celebs that do frequent The Terrace do so with a confidentiality agreement in hand…Fancy! 

Sadly, I don’t have many pictures from this lovely little nook, but check out what I did capture below!





Fast forward to the morning and next on our food agenda (is there really any other kind of agenda?) was breakfast.  After grabbing a quick coffee at a great little shop (forgot the name.. whoops!) , we went to Among the Flowers Cafe.  Not much to say here except: great food, adorable atmosphere, and outside seating…among flowers. 

Another notable aspect of our trip was our biking adventure.  What better way to explore the island than to do so on our own two wheels.  Although, having not been on a bike that isn’t stationary in almost 4 years, my husband would say four wheels would be more appropriate for me. Let’s just say I struggled a bit at first, but it eventually came back… I mean, aren’t our bodies destined to never forget how to do this? Anyway, this was probably my favorite part of the whole weekend.  We trekked down to South Beach (not Miami…I’m not that athletic), to a lighthouse, and through some residential parts of Edgartown which literally left us speechless.  Those homes are like…perfect. I want to be in them.  

Here are some pics from our journey below!






One last thing, coffee.  I’m obsessed with it and I will honestly go out of my way for a good cup.  I think I may have found a place for serious java lovers (25+ types of coffee-serious): Espresso Love of Edgartown. (Disclaimer: I have never used the word “java” before…do I sound as ridiculous as I think I do!?) This place was completely hidden and also completely packed so I wasn’t able to really take it all in at a leisurely pace.  But, I was able to order an Iced Skinny Vanilla Latte.  I’ve had a lot of lattes in my day, but this, this was majestic.  So good and worth the trip if you’re in the MV area (or in Boston – who knew!?).  Another bonus: this is also a celebrity hotspot – President Obama and Meg Ryan as of late. 


And as always, no Cape trip is complete without…:


Vineyard fashions will be coming up in a later post, so stay tuned!

Where is your favorite summertime destination?  I want to know – comment below! 



A big thanks to Deux Chicago for this one. Such a great compilation of some seriously adorable Autumn ankle boots.

I need, like…all of these.


deux chicago

To anyone giving a cursory glance towards my ankles lately (um, who isn’t?), it’s no secret I’m all about the ankle boot trend this season. I’m loving the shapes, sizes, cuts and colors – what’s that sound? Oh, riiiight, it’s my wallet groaning in agreement. Quiet down, you silly thing! We’re trying to look at boots here.

Autumn Ankle Boots

Ash biker boots
$490 – jades24.com

Steve Madden cowgirl boots

Splendid leather boots

Lace up boots

Military boots
$24 – desireclothing.co.uk

Military boots

Biker boots

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