Comfy Chic: How to Wear Sweatshirts With Style…

How many times have you said “I wish I could wear sweats all day every day”?  I can tell you that I’ve muttered that sentence more times than I care to even say.   With the cooler weather upon us, following through on that sentiment seems more plausible than ever on my end.   There’s something about wearing loungewear on days that aren’t Sunday  (or Saturday mornings) that can literally make me paralyzed by comfort and render this gal completely unproductive.   BUT WAIT (in the most infomercial-esque voice possible) there is hope, hoodie lovers – sweatshirts that are fun and functional are here to rescue you from your daily dressing dilemma of style vs. comfort.  You can now have both.  Let us rejoice.

Here are a few I’m loving right now!


Model:  J.Crew $168  // “Oh My Chic” Boyfriend Sweatshirt: ILY Couture $55 // Gray and Leather:  Topshop $72 //Ivory Cutout: H&M $20  // Pink Zip “Saturday” Sweatshirt: Kate Spade New York $110

Pair a polished sweatshirt with some fitted jeans, classic makeup, and, dare I even say, heels (gasp!) and you’ve got yourself one enviable outfit that you may just want to sleep in.  (But, don’t…you look too nice!)

Have a wonderful Monday, beauties!


Great Fashion Finds…On Wheels!…

Yep, your eyes are reading that correctly.  You aren’t still reading about cupcakes on wheels, this is all new!  Stationary stores are so last year. Allow me to introduce you to The Fashion Truck. I’m not good at math, but this is genius x 12452.

Don’t believe this one either?  Check this out – Image


Completely fab, right? Ab-so-lut-ely.  I had the pleasure of meeting the face behind the boutique, Emily Benson, and she is just great. Not only is she obviously business savvy, but her fashion IQ is through the roof.  Having worked with big name companies such as Abercrombie & Fitch, Henri Bendel, and Club Monaco, she is well versed in classic styles and current trends which makes for a delightful shopping experience – both for my eyes and my wallet.


On a budget? No problem.  The Fashion Truck’s merchandise all retails for $100 or less!  This price point makes for some serious steals on great pieces – especially accessories, but I may be biased. I walked up her steps with curiosity and left with a chunky, gold link necklace with navy enamel embellishments. Chunky? Gold? Link?  Check, check, andddd check – I’m coming for you, Fall.

One last thing!  A big plus for us fashion forward, Olivia Palermo wanna-bes is that Emily’s inventory is constantly changing to reflect the most up-to-date styles, as well as those on the verge of becoming “the next big thing.” Bye-bye months of waiting for the latest trends to hit stores, The Fashion Truck probably already has them.


Looking for Emily and her Truck?  She tends to set up shop in the Boston/Greater Boston area. Or you could always have her come to you by booking a “Truck Stop” for a party – so fun!

For someone always on the go, she’s pretty accessible:





Let’s face it, mobile isn’t just for phones anymore and I’m liking it.