Kim K’s Kinda Krazy…

So in my “sickness” haze last week, I apparently uploaded a post incorrectly (not, sure how that even happens, by the way) and as a result, nothing new graced the front page of my blog.   Now I know that it’s old news, but instead of trashing the post completely, I am going to throw it up here – it’s just too bizarre not to!



Well, this is weird.  New pictures surfaced today of the normally glam Kim Kardashian and they are…umm, interesting.  Generally expectant mothers join forces with a photographer and create some really breathtaking images capturing the beauty of pregnancy.  We’ve seen the heart on the bump, the silhouette, the baby blocks… but we definitely haven’t seen whatever it is that Kimye did.  Apparently, she was going for that disturbing, horror-movie chic look.  The jam? The outfits? The fact that Kim, herself looks like a giant child?  I’m all sorts of confused.


I guess the only redeeming quality of this “high-fashion” shoot is that it was done by Karl Lagerfeld and honestly, the guy can do no wrong…and I know what you’re thinking… no, not even his hair is wrong.  And, now you know.

Warning: the following cannot be unseen:

What are your thoughts – high fashion or just plain weird?



Princess Kate is Worth The Wait…

As much as I wasn’t anticipating writing a blog post today,  I just couldn’t let any more time pass without mentioning the arrival of the long-awaited (and non-professional, I might add) official Royal Family portrait.

Feast your eyes on these beautiful people: 


All that perfection made you feel a little self-concious for a split second, didn’t it.  So, besides being royal and all, they totally look like people we could be friends with.  I mean they have a couple silly looking dogs, an angelic, little prince baby, lets face it, they just look welcoming.

Ever since their engagement, their perpetual spotlight has only grown more brilliant due to our ever-present fascination with real-life fairytales.  One of the most notable qualities about the Duke and Duchess is their down-to-earth nature that often leaves the rest of the world thinking “hey, they are just like me.”  Strip away all the regalia, the titles, the castle… basically anything “royal,” and you really have two athletic college sweethearts who both happen to have ridiculously natural good looks and enviable accents (sorry, but say whatever you want to me in a British accent and we’ll call it water under the bridge).

The point is: William and Kate are accessible.  I mean, Kate did her own wedding makeup and the girl still looked flawless.  Similarly, the above portrait was not done by a professional, instead it was a simple snapshot taken by Kate’s father in his backyard.  How much more “girl next door” can she get without actually being my neighbor (cue the dream sequence…how awesome would that be!?).

Anyway, let’s talk fashion.  Kate always exudes an air of confidence, grace, and elegance whether she is on the sidelines of a sporting event or at some posh gala.   This official family portrait, is no different.  Like we’ve seen throughout much of her pregnancy, the Duchess is sporting high street fashion brand, Seraphine.  This dress, in particular, which was chosen from her own closet, only costs approximately $79.  Just to recap, this is royalty in a $79 dress.  Talk about being sensible with your style.

Cecile Reinaud, the founder of Seraphine, told People: “We knew she really liked that dress, but to see her wearing it nearly a month after the birth – it’s so exciting! She looks so beautiful in those pictures but also so natural. I think it’s a huge compliment to her that she looks like that in a snapshot, without a top-notch photographer with retouching and everything.”  Amen, girlfriend.

Also, if you were looking to purchase some of these kate-tastic maternity styles, you mayyy want to consider them for your next pregnancy as they are already backordered until September 16th due to high volume during the hours of 2 a.m. and 7 a.m. this morning.


Royal waving myself out of here…