6 Everyday Items You Never Knew Your Beauty Routine Needed…

I know, I know… it’s technically “Worth-It Wednesday” and I was going to review a new foundation I’ve been using, but I think I need a little more time to test it out.  Soooo, instead, I’ve put together a list of 6 items found around your home that you may have never thought to use when getting ready.  I didn’t invent these genius ideas, but I have used them! Here it goes!

1. Q-Tips 

Image Cred: catchwordbranding.com

No surprise, here.  This little double-sided cotton swab is just the tool you need to correct any makeup application flub.  Extend that cat-eye liner a little too far? Get a case of the “shakey hands” when applying lipstick and liner? No problem, this little guy is here to save the day.  I like to dampen one end just enough for it to be able to glide across my skin, but not wet enough that it will ruin the rest of my makeup – can’t fix one problem and create another… that’s just silly!  Can’t get enough?  Well, you can also use Q-Tips to correct any mistakes during those at-home manicures.  Simply dip one end into nail polish remover, squeeze out the excess, and run it along any color creeping onto your skin.  Bonus: They are also great eyeliner “smudgers” for that seductive, smokey-eye!

2. Coffee Grinds 

Image Cred: yellowblissroad.com

Now your morning coffee can pack a double punch.  If you’re anything like me, a nice hot cup of joe is vital in order to even think about having a productive day.  Caffeine, in general, gives your body that boost of energy it needs to get off the couch be a functioning member of society.  Now, you can use those same grinds to give your face and body a rejuvenated look.  Just mix the grinds with moisturizing lotion or olive oil and rub vigorously over face, neck, and body if you’re feeling adventurous (just keep in mind that this can be pretty messy…).  Wash off your scrub and revel in your smooth, supple skin! Sidenote: There is also talk about this being a cellulite fighter…I can’t attest to any claims, but how great would that be!?

3. Eggs

Image Cred: thekitchn.com

Again, our mornings can seriously have a big impact on the rest of our day, so while you’re digesting from that delicious omelet, take a couple more eggs (2 should do, 3 if you have longer hair), beat them together in a small bowl and then apply this liquid to your hair in the shower.  Leave in for 3-5 minutes and rinse using luke warm water. Don’t take that last part lightly, unless of course you’re looking for seconds and want pieces of cooked egg in your hair.  That’s cool, too. This should leave your hair feeling soft and looking shiny – breakfast really is the most important meal of the day!

4. Toothpaste 

Image Cred: wikipedia.com

You brush your teeth because you’re a fresh-breathed, good hygiened-person.  Congrats. Anddd, you may have also used it from time to time to spot treat some stubborn pimples. But, have you ever used it on your nails?  Sometimes our nails yellow for a variety of reasons – health, diet, old green nail polish that you’ve been too lazy to remove for 3 months – these are the usual culprits.  Toothpaste can be a saving grace for these folks – it’s cheap and easy to do.  Brush a small amount onto your nails and watch the stains diminish.  You can also add a few drops of lemon juice (which has intense lightening power all on its own) for an extra boost.  This may be self-explainitory, but please don’t use the same toothbrush you’re using in your mouth on your nails. That’s…wrong.

5. Scotch Tape 

Image Cred: sheknows.com

This one is going to seem a little weird.  But, it works. So, I guess it’s just awesome.  Dry skin on your lips?  Place a piece of scotch tape on those babies and press.  Then gently pull the piece off and look at all that pesky dead skin with pride – flakey lips can be an ugly battle, but you’ve won! Bonus: You can also use it to make some pretty spectacular nail art.

6. Pam Cooking Spray – Original 


This is just ingenious.  Painting my nails is legitimately a process for me.  I have to find the perfect block of time to do them so it’s not interfering with 1. dish washing, 2. dog walking, feeding, playing… really anything to do with my dog, and 3. bed time (there is seriously nothing worse than waking up with bed sheet imprints and lint on your freshly painted nails).  Solution? Pam Cooking Spray can act as a quick drying agent so that you can get back living a smudge-free life!

Do you have any must-use beauty tips and secrets?



Lip Service – The Battle of the Balms…

Dry, flakey, cut, and chapped: four adjectives that should never be used to describe our lips. But hey, sometimes life happens and those babies aren’t quite as “soft” and “supple” as you may like. I’ve personally been having my own lip-battle as of late. Remember my really adventurous biking escapade I mentioned in an earlier post? Well, I have since been enduring a really bizarre battle wound from the wind (yes, I was pedaling that fast): awkward, spotty lip chapping. Sounds so pretty, right? That’s a definite wrong. As if that were my only issue, like so many others in my situation, chapped lips are often accompanied by pain.


Obviously companies have capitalized on this issue and created some pretty great products. Over the last few days, I’ve turned this unfortunate beauty blunder into a learning experience and performed my own mini experiment to see which products actually work, and which just took advantage of my weakness for a nice package.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again… I’m a marketer’s dream. Here’s what I found…


Retire Me: ChapStick

The pros of this veteran product? Cheap ($2.88 for a 3 pack at Walmart), easy to find, works in a pinch.

The cons? I don’t know what it is about ChapStick, but I always go back to it thinking that I somehow messed up applying it before and that’s the reason it didn’t work. But, let’s be honest… how does one mess that up? The answer is, they don’t. So my conclusion is that this little stick just doesn’t work as well as they claim. Do I dare say that my lips actually appeared more chapped? Some people do swear by this product, though, anndd it has been around forever… so maybe it’s just my lips. Also, the packaging is boring. There I said it. Aside from a change in font, I think the look has been the same since they started. I guess that’s good brand recognition though, so… congrats?


I’m Good…Sometimes: Nivea A Kiss of Rejuvenation Anti-Aging Lip Care

The pros? While it’s a bit more expensive than ChapStick, it is still pretty reasonable (around $3.29 at most drugstores). Also, I’m a fan of lip care tubes, so the packaging for me is a plus. This particular line has coenzyme Q10 that supposedly helps with anti-aging. I guess I haven’t really been caring noticing any changing in the youthfulness of my lips, but…sure, it’s possible. I do find that this guy works between 85-90% of the time. I’ll throw some on before bed and again first thing in the morning and usually, this stuff keeps my lips soft and healthy looking.

The cons? Yes, it usually works. Lately though, this was no match for my damaged lips. It has a milky white color, too. So if you put on as much as I have been, you can look slightly sickly without adding a pop of color into the mix. Perhaps, for the average dry lipped people of the world, this is a good option – but anything more severe, try something that’s more potent.


Buy Me Now: EOS Lip Balms

The pros? Personally, this is the holy grail of lip balms. Relatively inexpensive ($2.79-$3.00 range), at least 6 different colors/flavors, and it actually WORKS. Like, so well. Thanks to this baby, I’m a proud owner of moisturized, pain-free lips! Don’t even get me started on the packaging. A small little pastel ball holding half-mooned balm inside? Um, yes. I need all of them. Right now. This lip product ALWAYS goes on super smooth and it’s never greasy. It leaves my lips hydrated with a slight sheen over my natural lip color. No milky white mess, here. Ah, I love it. One more thing, I love it a lot.

The cons? As much as I LOVE the packaging, unless you are carrying a purse, sticking a little ball in your jeans can be uncomfortable… and awkward.

What balm brands do your lips love? Let me know below!