Food With Faces And Other Seasonal Treats…

Whoops. I’ve been in hiding the past couple of weeks. And while I can’t pinpoint the exact reason, there are multiple factors that inevitably go into every self-inflicted “hibernation,”…right? But I’m back this time, really and not without some great news and celebratory treats!

For starters, this law school grad has now transcended from the role of “student” to “attorney!”  After nearly 3 months of waiting on my bar exam results (which, by the way is arguably more grueling and torturous than preparing for the exam itself…) I found out last week that I passed!  What a relief…sort of.  Now I need to get a job, but can’t I just revel in this accomplishment first?…please? Either way, I’m so thankful to be on the other better side of this exam… a girl can only be in the fetal position for so long before things get pretty uncomfortable.  Bring on the swearing in ceremony, my inner Elle Woods transition is almost complete!

Next, my fiance and I got a puppy.  For the record, I am a dog lover – nothing like a wet, cold nose to warm my silly heart. BUT, I’m beginning to think that our little guy is still in Halloween mode – that cute, fuzzy, little face appears to only be a deceiving mask hiding a mini devil with sharp teeth and an uncontrollable bladder. Don’t get me wrong, I’m totally obsessed and in love with our “son”, but I am beyond all set with staying up all night and coming home to what I call “poop-losions” (poop explosions).  Any dog whisperers out there have any tips on taming this tenacious pup?

Okay so back to the always serious sweet treat business.  I’m a little late on the Halloween bandwagon, I know, but honestly any of the following treats can be adapted to fit most (major) holidays, you’re on your own for National Sandwich Day, yes, really.



Talk about easy and fun. Like I said, I have only done these Halloween pops, but I’m fairly confident will have me using the same directions with different colors and faces to make some winter themed ones… Frosty the snowman, anyone?



Melting Chocolate in Light Green, Brown, & White (for ghosts, only)

Lollipop Sticks

Black Gel Frosting Pen

Styrofoam Block


1. Melt light green chocolate melts in microwave stirring occasionally every 20 seconds until smooth.  Be careful not to burn chocolate otherwise it becomes a thick, gooey mess.

2. Dip stick end of stick into chocolate and then pierce one end of the marshmallow.

3. Dip entire marshmallow into chocolate or simply use a spoon to coat the marshmallow evenly.  Place pop in the styrofoam block to harden.

4. Once pops are hardened. Repeat melting chocolate step, only this type with brown melts.  Dip only the tops of each pop into the brown melted chocolate. Again place pop in styrofoam until hard.

5.  Decorate with black gel frosting as desired.  Enjoy!

NOTE: Since these babies need to be standing up, I used an old vase filled with candy corn to achieve a more creative and appealing way to display them than a styrofoam block!



Okay, I lied above.  These are the easiest, quickest, and most adorable little creations I’ve seen in a while.  No baking and no mess and in little time, you’ll have one hell of a conversation piece.  Christmas time?  I’m thinking Santa hats – I’ll post a recipe as it gets closer!


Keebler’s Original Striped Fudge Cookies

Hershey’s Kisses

Orange Frosting

Cookie Sheet


1. Flip over fudge cookies so that they are bottom up.

2. Unwrap kisses and place a small dollop of orange frosting on the bottom of the kiss and place in the center of the cookie.  Make sure there is enough evenly-coated frosting to make a ring around the candy mimicking a ribbon or belt on the “hat.”

3. Serve and enjoy!



Dress up any box-mix brownies with some fun accessories!  These pictured were from the Christmas Tree Shop for $1.29!  Sidenote: I also picked up some great fall leaf cookie cutters for $1.00! God, that place feeds my cute food addiction like no other. Few things excite me more than a good deal, siigghh…


Now, these I did not have time to do, but they were on my list!  They are pretty much along the same lines as the Frankenstein and Ghost Pops, only instead of marshmallows, use Oreos.  Sugar on sugar on sugar.  I hope no one here is dieting.

Here’s to low temps and sugar highs…