Experience The Runway…

Alright, so I was going to put together this great post about the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week complete with pictures and commentary, but then I thought… not only have people probably gotten enough info from every media source imaginable, but all we’re used to seeing is the final presentation captured by us, the viewers.  Then I came across a pretty innovative initiative launched by Google and Diane von Furstenberg (DVF), my pretend BFF.


Google and DVF partnered up for NYFW to give those who aren’t quite fortunate enough to attend as a guest, model, or designer an inside look to what goes on behind the scenes.  Each model and Diane, herself, were equipped with Glass, Google’s latest innovation allowing its users to capture moments as quickly as they happen.


Ironically, the glasses aren’t the most fashionable.  But really, who cares if you look like the guy from Star Trek!?  You’re a walking, talking, breathing technological marvel!  Everything you could ever need (at least information-wise…) is displayed before your very eyes… literally!  I can’t even begin to describe all of the advancements taking place without severely butchering them, as I don’t speak tech-talk.  To learn more, click here!

Now, back to how this brilliant pairing relates to fashion.  DVF and her models wore the glasses at various points during the week, including down a pass of the runway.  The results are an amazing glimpse into the most fabulous week of the year…take a peek!