More Fashion Week, Please…

As we prepare to bust out our boots, jackets, and cozy sweaters, NYC is reveling in some of the most sensational Spring 2014 styles from some of the most sought-after designers in the world.  That’s right, ’tis the season for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.   It’s back for another year and it’s more glorious than ever.

Because it’s borderline impossible to go through every amazing garment that made its way down the catwalk, I thought I’d highlight a few of my favorite (and most wearable) pieces from a variety of collections.

My girl, DVF was all about orange, gold, and animal print for this Spring’s safari-esque collection, but don’t be fooled, some classic prints and textures remained.  Here are two of my favs!

There is just something about Derek Lam’s modern lines and simplistic color palate that really make me happy.  This collection’s colors? White, yellow, black, and blue – how much more basic and beautiful can you get?

Two words – Victoria Beckham.  This girl knew what was up since the Spice Girls.  Staying true to her “posh” self, her collection married femininity and boyish charm and gave us the chic lovechild that is unique textures, geometric shapes, and clean lines.  Level one girl crush, coming your way…

I don’t even know what it is about this Prabal Gurung line that I love most.  The color blocking? The pops of pastel? Gimme, gimme more ( the previous must be sung in your best Britney voice…) This is like retro Barbie meets the conventional woman and I’m kind of obsessed.

Oh, and then there was DKNY… which left me feeling confused.  Leotards on leotards…here’s a sampling:

I mean, at least she’s owning it, right?

I’ve decided that I need to attend next year’s NYFW – who’s with me!?


Experience The Runway…

Alright, so I was going to put together this great post about the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week complete with pictures and commentary, but then I thought… not only have people probably gotten enough info from every media source imaginable, but all we’re used to seeing is the final presentation captured by us, the viewers.  Then I came across a pretty innovative initiative launched by Google and Diane von Furstenberg (DVF), my pretend BFF.


Google and DVF partnered up for NYFW to give those who aren’t quite fortunate enough to attend as a guest, model, or designer an inside look to what goes on behind the scenes.  Each model and Diane, herself, were equipped with Glass, Google’s latest innovation allowing its users to capture moments as quickly as they happen.


Ironically, the glasses aren’t the most fashionable.  But really, who cares if you look like the guy from Star Trek!?  You’re a walking, talking, breathing technological marvel!  Everything you could ever need (at least information-wise…) is displayed before your very eyes… literally!  I can’t even begin to describe all of the advancements taking place without severely butchering them, as I don’t speak tech-talk.  To learn more, click here!

Now, back to how this brilliant pairing relates to fashion.  DVF and her models wore the glasses at various points during the week, including down a pass of the runway.  The results are an amazing glimpse into the most fabulous week of the year…take a peek!



Fall Fever Part I…

Okay, so call me crazy, but even with this fantastic sunny, summer weather we’ve been having on the East Coast, I am so ready for fall.  There’s something about the crisp, cool air, pumpkin spice lattes, and hot apple cider that excites me.

Food and cinnamon confections aside, fall trends and collections will be in full swing and I couldn’t be happier.  Back in February, when designers wowed us with their Fall 2012 collections, I’ll admit I was more focused on what bright colored bathing suit to wear to the beach than what darker-shaded coat I’d be wearing in 7 months.  However, fall is now just around the corner and my eyes can’t help but be fixated on all the amazing colors and fabrics that the collections have to offer.

One of my favorite dress designers is the iconic Diane Von Furstenberg, or DVF.  While my wallet lusts for an endless supply of disposable income to be able to afford all of her genius looks, for now, I’ll just have to settle on drooling over these beauties…or at least until my money tree is ready for harvesting…

Check out a few of my personal favs from her Fall 2012 collection.  Here’s to more dynamic color-blocking, brilliant burgundies, and body-hugging blacks…



So, I’ve made the executive decision since I am dying to wear my most favorite DVF Zarita dress in the fall, I’m considering it part of the Fall Collection and posting it below… Sorry, Diane..

Andddd, a pretty turquoise for good measure…


(All Images: Diane Von Furstenberg)

Stay tuned for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week coverage beginning in September and Fall Fever Part II for more wearable, and wallet-friendly everyday looks that perfectly balance cozy and chic!