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My talented best friend created a custom illustration for The Style Verdict and I just couldn’t wait to share until next week!  She is the artist behind Melsy’s Illustrations and I think you’re going to love her work.  Check out this beauty below! 


For more info on her products visit her Etsy Shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/Melsys


Have a wonderful weekend – I have some good stuff planned for next week so stay tuned! 



90s Revival, DWTS, and 3 Must-Have Pieces for Fall…

Good afternoon, friends! I’m proud to report that there were no crazy makeup mishaps this morning and all the product went where it was supposed to…Mondays can really throw you for a loop.  It did, however, redeem itself in the form of Dancing with the Stars.  Now, I never actually watched this show for more than 4 consecutive minutes before last night, but there was something about the cast that really intrigued me – hello, if Bill Nye The Science Guy was going to be dancing, you know I’d be watching! Also, my inner Disney teen was probably far too excited to see Corbin Bleu, and that trashy-reality TV version of myself was definitely looking out for Snooki (er, Nicole…) – who, by the way, actually looked gorgeous and incredibly fit, which is obviously a far cry from her days on the Shore. I have to say, I was pretty impressed with the dancing and definitely touched by the underlying message of determination and strength as exhibited by the two contestants struggling with debilitating diseases: Jack Osbourne and the lovely Valerie Harper.  Did I just find my new guilty pleasure?

Image Cred: CBS

In other news, apparently Timberland boots are being revived from the 90s grave they were buried in and are fashionable again.  I’m sorry, but,… what?  I get it, they are considered to be a little piece of Americana, a little glimpse into urban street style, but to be fair, they. are. work. boots.  So, unless you plan on doing some carpentry or want to get busy rewiring some faulty electrical work, please, take them off.  It kind of baffles me that some of the world’s most noteworthy fashion designers are all about this trend.  Take the glorious designer of BCBG and Herve Leger, Max Azria, for example.  In an interview by Yahoo, he states: “It could be very stylish if you do a contradiction with a very feminine dress with these tough shoes. The balance is fantastic and very sexy.” I understand the whole androgynous, mixed sexuality, artistic angle you’re advocating, but Max, but if I’m going to be feminine, I’m going to wear pumps, not work. boots.  My girl, Rebecca Minkoff came to the rescue with a resounding “no” when asked if it were in style.  She gets me. And, now you know.


Finally, these 3 fab runway trends are totally do-able for Fall: leopard/animal print, leather, and emerald green.

Burberry Fall 2013 Runway Show
Image Cred: Burberry

Oh Burberry, how pretty are you.  I’ve never been a big animal print lover; however, I’ve learned over time that moderation with (mostly) anything, including prints, is A-okay.  Since the New York Fall Fashion Week in the Spring, I’ve been on a mad hunt for a good pair of leopard pumps or flats.  Because trends change in an instant, I’ll probably settle on something more affordable, but, how cute are these, Loubs?!

Christian Louboutin
Image Cred: Christian Louboutin

As I sit here and type in my leather moto jacket by Zara, I can wholeheartedly say, I’ve bought into this craze.  There’s something special about leather that adds instant glam to even the most casual outfits.  Dressed up or dressed down, a touch of this versatile fabric can really pump up your chic factor. My next must-have? Leather leggins.

Image Cred: inaworldofbees.com
Lauren Conrad
Image Cred: Lauren Conrad

Move over burgundy, there’s a new deep hue in town: emerald green.  This color hit the runways (thanks, Pantone) in full force and I’m not mad about it.  What a beautiful color. Why haven’t we been this obsessed with it before!? Let’s all go get some emerald anything and be the gems that we are…(I was well overdue for a pun…)

Image Cred: fashionista.com

What are you working into your Fall wardrobe!?



20 Years Of Awesome…

Happy 20th Anniversary, Christian Louboutin!  Your iconic designs have graced some very fortunate soles for generations and brought confidence and sex appeal to a level few thought was possible by simply wearing a shoe. This by no means is a small feat, and for that the culture of fashion will forever be indebted to your innovative vision.

Need some recent Loubi news? Try these two stories on for size:

1. Louboutin World was proud to announce the grand opening of an Istanbul boutique yesterday! Hurray for expanding on the already established 50 stores world-wide! I was lucky enough to visit the Miami boutique this past year – shoe heaven!

Sneak a peak!





 2. Christian was in Boston yesterday to celebrate his 20th anniversary at Saks.  Lucky for everyone who attended, there was a meet and greet. Sad for me, I wasn’t part of that “everyone.”  Epic fail on my part. He’ll come back soon… right?

Louboutin World shared this behind the scenes photo of a shoe good enough to eat…literally!


Until next time red-sole lovers…



Woes of the Red Soles…

If you haven’t gathered by the mere aesthetics of my blog by now, I am a huge fan of Christian Louboutin.  I, like millions of other shoe-lovers, am mesmerized by their detail, shape, height, and most notably, their super-feminine, super-sultry red soles.

The brand’s founder “stiletto king”, Christian Louboutin, first began his company in Paris in the early ’90s. According to numerous articles marveling over this hand-made commodity, Christian credits a trip to Africa in the 1970s (where women were forbidden from wearing sharp stilettos in wood floor laden buildings…) for his inspiration to make footwear that “broke rules and made women feel confident and empowered.”(2011 YouTube Documentary)  Christian’s meteoric rise in the fashion world catapulted his red soles from the catwalk to red carpets everywhere in what appeared to be an effortless transition. These highly-coveted, high-priced shoes have not only revolutionized the fashion industry, but also modernized the term “sexy” giving women of all shapes and sizes the ability to feel empowered, confident, and classy.



Like most things in life, too much of a good thing never ends well.  The Christian Louboutin empire is not exempt from this adage and in fact, has found itself in the midst of a law suit against another iconic brand, Yves Saint Larent (YSL).  In an attempt to not bore any non-legal readers, here’s a (fairly) quick overview of their ongoing legal battle.

In January 2011 YSL produced a “Cruise Collection” featuring monochromatic designs.  As you may have figured, one of the shoes, which was entirely red, featured the same vibrant color on its sole.  In what appeared to be an attempt at avoiding any judicial interference, Christian met with YSL to discuss a potential infringement on his trademarked Red Sole Mark.  When YSL refused to recall the shoes, Christian took legal action.  According to court documents, the initial complaint alleged “[…] trademark infringement, […] false designation or origin and […] unfair competition and […] trademark dilution, [as well as…] unlawful deceptive acts and practices.”  In response, YSL filed counterclaims, which requested cancelation of the Louboutin Red Sole Mark “on the ground that it is not distinctive, ornamental, [or] functional” and unfair competition, among other things.

The general crux of the case appears to hinge on whether the Red Sole Mark trademark was in fact valid, and if it were, whether color can be trademarked in the first place.  Various case law was provided in support of the Louboutin’s notion that it was entirely lawful to trademark his, now famous, red soles as precedence has been set that a color which carries with it a “secondary meaning” whereby it “identifies or distinguishes a particular brand” may be protected.  Qualitex Co. v. Jacobson Prods. Co., 514 U.S. 159, 161, 163, 115 S.Ct. 1300, 131 L.Ed.2d 248 (1995).  Essentially, “a color may meet the legal requirements for a trademark if it ‘act[s] as a symbol that distinguishes a firm’s goods and identifies their source, without serving any other significant function” Id. at 166.

The Lanham Act, used primarily in the fashion industry, has been “upheld to permit the registration of the use of color in a trademark, but only in distinct patterns or combinations of shades that manifest a conscious effort to design a uniquely identifiable mark embedded in the goods”Louis Vuitton Malletier, 454 F.3d at 116. Think, Louis Vuitton “LV” and Burberry Brit Check.  (You may also be thinking of Tiffany & Co. and their pretty blue boxes, bags, website…well, everything – interestingly enough, Tiffany’s came to Louboutin’s aid and filed their own brief to the court in support…we can’t possibly be without TWO of the greatest, and most notably colors in the industry, can we!?)

Ultimately, certain colors used by those in fashion world, specifically, must be arranged in such a way so that a distinct and recognizable secondary message or connection is made to a particular brand.  Being the proponent of Christian Louboutins that I am, I believe they have met this standard as red soles to women world-wide are synonymous with his brilliant work.  Image

The legal process is slow and thus, there still has not been a definitive ruling on this suit.  Let’s hope for the sake of Louboutin lovers everywhere that the distinctive red sole remains alive and well.

Well, it is easy to see where my interests are.  My two worlds collided in this post, unfortunately to the detriment of brevity.  I hope it at least provided a little look behind the catwalks and clothes racks and into the uglier, albeit interesting, side of fashion.

Since there is so much more to the case, check it out at: http://scholar.google.com/scholar_case?case=5176392495342625969&hl=en&as_sdt=2&as_vis=1&oi=scholarr


For all of you who have had enough reading for one day, watch the humble, Loubi himself in a short 5 minute video!: