Yum-Yum Eat ‘Em Ups!

I love baking. It’s a fact.  There’s something about cooking up a sweet treat that puts a smile on my face and in the bellies of those who are brave enough to eat what I bake. My biggest fan and guinea pig is my fiance, lover of nearly all chocolatey confections and quite the “cookies and cream” connoisseur.  While I don’t always have as much time to bake as I’d like, when I do it’s a production.  Picture billowing puffs of flour, at least 23897 5 unnecessary utensils, and a variety of liquids strewn about the counter.  Regardless, it’s fun and creative and that’s what I love about it.  Image

My latest obsessions (and by latest, I mean within the last couple of years) have been cake pops.  Seriously, how cute (and delicious) are they!?  If I had endless hours in a day, we all know what I’d be doing after my high praise for the almighty cake pop.  Starbucks had the right idea, especially with their “Birthday Cake Pop”… this creamy, adorable, pink pop is filled with flavor and, dare I use the most heinous word in the English language,… moist.  Okay, enough of my ramblings, all this baking talk has left me hungry!  Check out a couple of my cake pop creations!