20 Years Of Awesome…

Happy 20th Anniversary, Christian Louboutin!  Your iconic designs have graced some very fortunate soles for generations and brought confidence and sex appeal to a level few thought was possible by simply wearing a shoe. This by no means is a small feat, and for that the culture of fashion will forever be indebted to your innovative vision.

Need some recent Loubi news? Try these two stories on for size:

1. Louboutin World was proud to announce the grand opening of an Istanbul boutique yesterday! Hurray for expanding on the already established 50 stores world-wide! I was lucky enough to visit the Miami boutique this past year – shoe heaven!

Sneak a peak!





 2. Christian was in Boston yesterday to celebrate his 20th anniversary at Saks.  Lucky for everyone who attended, there was a meet and greet. Sad for me, I wasn’t part of that “everyone.”  Epic fail on my part. He’ll come back soon… right?

Louboutin World shared this behind the scenes photo of a shoe good enough to eat…literally!


Until next time red-sole lovers…




We Go To Vermont-a And Do What We Want-a…

Let me begin by stating that I’ve been a terrible mother to my blog-baby.  I can’t believe it has taken me over a week to post – I really have no other excuse except that silly thing called life getting in the way!

Well, enough of that – I should probably stop apologizing and start writing!  Before I get to the namesake of this post, I’m compelled to share two mini-rants.

1. After weeks of drooling over that healthy pumpkin smoothie I blogged about earlier, I gathered all the materials and attempted to make it.  As if the world didn’t want me to taste that much awesome, my poor blender had a leak in it. How sad is that!?  The answer is verrry. Anyone have a blender suggestion?

2.  Word on the street is that my girl, Jen Aniston, was in town last week… and. I. missed. it. I mean, I know the chances of me ever “casually” running into JenJen are slim to none, but what’s a girl have to do to get a heads up on such an epic sighting!? As if her presence wasn’t enough, my BFF is now backing Cambridge, MA based hair product firm, Living Proof.  How great is that?  Having been a Living Proof user for over a year now, I can definitely say that this is a beyond glorious union.

Great product + great spokeswoman = genius business move.


For more info on Living Proof products click here! Need a few more details on Jen’s new hair-care home? Click here!


OKAY, so lets talk about Vermont.  If you haven’t been, you should go. If you live there, take a look around – it is beautiful! Following in designer, Rebecca Minkoff’s recent footsteps, my fiance, bestie, and her boyfriend decided to give this great state a visit this past weekend and we weren’t disappointed.

While us leaf peepers may have missed the peak of foliage season, we still were greeted with some majestic, colorful landscapes.  Our souls were warmed this weekend by some serious hot apple cider and warm apple cider donuts.With all this goodness, I’m seriously contemplating putting cinnamon on pretty much everything.

We also found our new favorite restaurant/bar called The Parlor.  I can’t really describe this cozy, rustic gem, but it has a fireplace, cheese plates, and great drinks… did I mention the fireplace!?  I’m not going to lie, snatching the coveted benches in front of the fire made us me feel a little like the cast of Friends… replace the bench with an orange couch and the hard cider with a hot coffee and I’d say we’re pretty much indiscernible.

Anyway, here are a few shots from our little New England adventure!



Where is your favorite fall destination!?

Here’s to apples as crisp as the fall air and leaves on fire with color…



Great Fashion Finds…On Wheels!…

Yep, your eyes are reading that correctly.  You aren’t still reading about cupcakes on wheels, this is all new!  Stationary stores are so last year. Allow me to introduce you to The Fashion Truck. I’m not good at math, but this is genius x 12452.

Don’t believe this one either?  Check this out – Image


Completely fab, right? Ab-so-lut-ely.  I had the pleasure of meeting the face behind the boutique, Emily Benson, and she is just great. Not only is she obviously business savvy, but her fashion IQ is through the roof.  Having worked with big name companies such as Abercrombie & Fitch, Henri Bendel, and Club Monaco, she is well versed in classic styles and current trends which makes for a delightful shopping experience – both for my eyes and my wallet.


On a budget? No problem.  The Fashion Truck’s merchandise all retails for $100 or less!  This price point makes for some serious steals on great pieces – especially accessories, but I may be biased. I walked up her steps with curiosity and left with a chunky, gold link necklace with navy enamel embellishments. Chunky? Gold? Link?  Check, check, andddd check – I’m coming for you, Fall.

One last thing!  A big plus for us fashion forward, Olivia Palermo wanna-bes is that Emily’s inventory is constantly changing to reflect the most up-to-date styles, as well as those on the verge of becoming “the next big thing.” Bye-bye months of waiting for the latest trends to hit stores, The Fashion Truck probably already has them.


Looking for Emily and her Truck?  She tends to set up shop in the Boston/Greater Boston area. Or you could always have her come to you by booking a “Truck Stop” for a party – so fun!

For someone always on the go, she’s pretty accessible:





Let’s face it, mobile isn’t just for phones anymore and I’m liking it.



“Gucci, Gucci, Louis, Louis, Fendi, Fendi, Prada…”

That and so much more…I’m talking about Fashion’s Night Out and Mercedes Benz Fashion Week… Hello September, could you BE more amazing already?! Unfortunately, I wasn’t cool enough able to attend either, but one day… one day, I will and it will be glorious. Hey, if I can’t be there, I’ll blog here…right? Right.


For those of you who don’t know, Fashion’s Night Out, of FNO for short, occurs once a year across the globe.  Jet-setters get your passports ready, FNO spans 19 countries from Australia to China, to Italy to Russia, to the UK and back to the good old US of A. FNO events showcase designers, models, fashion editors, and celebrities and was created in 2009 (2011 in Boston) by American Vogue, the Council of Fashion Designers of America, NYC and Co. and the City of New York.  According to NYCgo.com, FNO “began as a collaboration intended to celebrate fashion, restore consumer confidence, boost the industry’s economy, and put the fun back in shopping.”  Judging by its overwhelming publicity and countless instagram and twitter photos, it looks like the objective was certainly met.

Check out a few FNO pictures from my spot in the world!

This was just a small prequel to some fantastic Mercedes Benz Fashion Week coverage coming soon! Until then, enjoy the fall-ish weather if you’ve got it, step on a few crunchy leaves (with a cute boot of course), and continue to drool over all the great fall patterns, colors, and fabrics, I know I will.