It’s October, Let’s Feast on Something Festive…

I’m pretty much an open book when it comes to my love of fall so yesterday was kind of like a mini holiday for me – cue the seasonal sugared rimmed beers, corn mazes, and unhealthy amounts of cider products we’ll all consume.  But, what you may not know is that I am obsessed with breakfast. There is something about waking up to something deliciously satisfying and then washing it down with a glorious cup of coffee that is good for the soul (amiright?).  Anyway, let’s talk about this season’s most delectable mascot: pumpkin. The amount of pumpkin/pumpkin products that I could/have/will ingest in the coming weeks is kind of embarrassing, but I’m really okay with it – and in fact, I’m adding to it. 

I’ve literally been craving pancakes for like, 3 weeks.  That’s pretty impressive for a person who maybe has 4 pancakes a year.  I just want pancakes, I want them to be healthy, and now I want them to be festive, and by festive I mean pumpkin.  This seems like a tall order for most, but Jen over at Yummy Healthy Easy didn’t think so!  I honestly haven’t been this excited to make something since I found out cake on a stick was a thing. Check out her recipe and drool-worthy pictures (from different angles) below. Um, YUM.  





If anyone needs me this weekend, I’ll be making these. Both days. Nonstop.




Happy Saturday!

Hello friends!  

My talented best friend created a custom illustration for The Style Verdict and I just couldn’t wait to share until next week!  She is the artist behind Melsy’s Illustrations and I think you’re going to love her work.  Check out this beauty below! 


For more info on her products visit her Etsy Shop:


Have a wonderful weekend – I have some good stuff planned for next week so stay tuned! 



Kim K’s Kinda Krazy…

So in my “sickness” haze last week, I apparently uploaded a post incorrectly (not, sure how that even happens, by the way) and as a result, nothing new graced the front page of my blog.   Now I know that it’s old news, but instead of trashing the post completely, I am going to throw it up here – it’s just too bizarre not to!



Well, this is weird.  New pictures surfaced today of the normally glam Kim Kardashian and they are…umm, interesting.  Generally expectant mothers join forces with a photographer and create some really breathtaking images capturing the beauty of pregnancy.  We’ve seen the heart on the bump, the silhouette, the baby blocks… but we definitely haven’t seen whatever it is that Kimye did.  Apparently, she was going for that disturbing, horror-movie chic look.  The jam? The outfits? The fact that Kim, herself looks like a giant child?  I’m all sorts of confused.


I guess the only redeeming quality of this “high-fashion” shoot is that it was done by Karl Lagerfeld and honestly, the guy can do no wrong…and I know what you’re thinking… no, not even his hair is wrong.  And, now you know.

Warning: the following cannot be unseen:

What are your thoughts – high fashion or just plain weird?



Out From Hibernation!


Let’s face it… I’ve really been slacking over the past few several months… but, for good reason.. at least I think so!  WordPress world, you’re lookin’ at a Mrs.!

There are few things in life that can compare to your wedding day.  I mean, in what other alternate universe are you the princess of your very own lacey, love-struck world? (Think Anne Hathaway as the Princess of Genovia… minus the frizzy hair, plaid uniform, and caterpillar eyebrows, of course…that was my middle school reality.) The dress, the flowers, the invitations, the programs, the venue, the stunning bridal party… the handsome groom<3… everything is so magical, so picturesque… and over so quickly.  I remember thinking mid-reception that this had to be a dream.  A really amazing dream.  It was as if every teeny, tiny detail that had been planned and mulled over on paper for quite sometime were sprinkled with movie-quality fairy dust and in an instant, came to life.

Sometimes life just needs a replay button, right? More on our wedding in another post… But first, – a teaser 😉



Well, it seems that I’ve missed a lot since I’ve been away – Amanda Bynes has gone crazy, KimYe had a baby, sadly, Cory Monteith has passed away, and “twerkin’” is a thing.  There have sure been a lot changes going on in the celeb-world, which I can’t wait to dissect in more detail – particularly Bynes… I’m kind of obsessed with her downward spiral/legal battles and I can’t wait for her to make a triumphant return – She’s the Man 2, anyone?  And while they’re at it, can someone please bring back “What I Like About You” – I seriously couldn’t get enough of it.  The sisterly drama, the roller coaster ride of a relationship between Holly and Vince, ah, just an (even more) modern day Ross and Rachel, if you ask me.

Thank you for bearing with me during some of the most hectic, yet exciting, times of my life.  I can’t wait to get back into the swing of things.  I’m so interested in what YOU want to read about, so let me know below!



P.S. My blog just celebrated its 1st birthday!  What a better way to celebrate than to give it the best present of all: some content.  It’s so good to be back… 🙂

Food With Faces And Other Seasonal Treats…

Whoops. I’ve been in hiding the past couple of weeks. And while I can’t pinpoint the exact reason, there are multiple factors that inevitably go into every self-inflicted “hibernation,”…right? But I’m back this time, really and not without some great news and celebratory treats!

For starters, this law school grad has now transcended from the role of “student” to “attorney!”  After nearly 3 months of waiting on my bar exam results (which, by the way is arguably more grueling and torturous than preparing for the exam itself…) I found out last week that I passed!  What a relief…sort of.  Now I need to get a job, but can’t I just revel in this accomplishment first?…please? Either way, I’m so thankful to be on the other better side of this exam… a girl can only be in the fetal position for so long before things get pretty uncomfortable.  Bring on the swearing in ceremony, my inner Elle Woods transition is almost complete!

Next, my fiance and I got a puppy.  For the record, I am a dog lover – nothing like a wet, cold nose to warm my silly heart. BUT, I’m beginning to think that our little guy is still in Halloween mode – that cute, fuzzy, little face appears to only be a deceiving mask hiding a mini devil with sharp teeth and an uncontrollable bladder. Don’t get me wrong, I’m totally obsessed and in love with our “son”, but I am beyond all set with staying up all night and coming home to what I call “poop-losions” (poop explosions).  Any dog whisperers out there have any tips on taming this tenacious pup?

Okay so back to the always serious sweet treat business.  I’m a little late on the Halloween bandwagon, I know, but honestly any of the following treats can be adapted to fit most (major) holidays, you’re on your own for National Sandwich Day, yes, really.



Talk about easy and fun. Like I said, I have only done these Halloween pops, but I’m fairly confident will have me using the same directions with different colors and faces to make some winter themed ones… Frosty the snowman, anyone?



Melting Chocolate in Light Green, Brown, & White (for ghosts, only)

Lollipop Sticks

Black Gel Frosting Pen

Styrofoam Block


1. Melt light green chocolate melts in microwave stirring occasionally every 20 seconds until smooth.  Be careful not to burn chocolate otherwise it becomes a thick, gooey mess.

2. Dip stick end of stick into chocolate and then pierce one end of the marshmallow.

3. Dip entire marshmallow into chocolate or simply use a spoon to coat the marshmallow evenly.  Place pop in the styrofoam block to harden.

4. Once pops are hardened. Repeat melting chocolate step, only this type with brown melts.  Dip only the tops of each pop into the brown melted chocolate. Again place pop in styrofoam until hard.

5.  Decorate with black gel frosting as desired.  Enjoy!

NOTE: Since these babies need to be standing up, I used an old vase filled with candy corn to achieve a more creative and appealing way to display them than a styrofoam block!



Okay, I lied above.  These are the easiest, quickest, and most adorable little creations I’ve seen in a while.  No baking and no mess and in little time, you’ll have one hell of a conversation piece.  Christmas time?  I’m thinking Santa hats – I’ll post a recipe as it gets closer!


Keebler’s Original Striped Fudge Cookies

Hershey’s Kisses

Orange Frosting

Cookie Sheet


1. Flip over fudge cookies so that they are bottom up.

2. Unwrap kisses and place a small dollop of orange frosting on the bottom of the kiss and place in the center of the cookie.  Make sure there is enough evenly-coated frosting to make a ring around the candy mimicking a ribbon or belt on the “hat.”

3. Serve and enjoy!



Dress up any box-mix brownies with some fun accessories!  These pictured were from the Christmas Tree Shop for $1.29!  Sidenote: I also picked up some great fall leaf cookie cutters for $1.00! God, that place feeds my cute food addiction like no other. Few things excite me more than a good deal, siigghh…


Now, these I did not have time to do, but they were on my list!  They are pretty much along the same lines as the Frankenstein and Ghost Pops, only instead of marshmallows, use Oreos.  Sugar on sugar on sugar.  I hope no one here is dieting.

Here’s to low temps and sugar highs…



What’s Up, Noc?

So this is completely random, but I’ve been obsessing over this all day. You may have already heard the good news – we have a talking whale on our hands! As if millions of talking Americans weren’t enough, we now have this little (it’s all relative…right?) guy named Noc to converse with.

Say hi to Noc, please…


Just so you know what we’re dealing with here, take a listen:

Thank you, Noc for that wonderful imitation of what appears to be the Swedish Chef from the Muppets… (anyone?.. anyone?) Anyway, this beluga whale reportedly spent nearly 30 years at the National Marine Mammal Association in San Diego, CA. Researchers believe that his close proximity with us “land-dwellers” prompted Noc to begin mimicking patterns of human speech spontaneously. And I thought Free Willy was cool…

Not to be a downer, but Noc has since passed. It’s pretty unfair that this audio was just released recently. Poor Noc couldn’t even revel in his own groundbreaking glory. Alas, his legacy will surely live on. Future whales have some serious work to do to, now – tail flips and full body breaches just aren’t cutting it anymore.

Until the next marvelous mammal…(new potential category, perhaps!?)


One Lovely Blog Award…

I am excited to announce that my little blog baby has been nominated for the mysterious One Lovely Blog Award! How great is that?! Isn’t it lovely in itself just to be considered a good read by another blogger you admire? (rhetorical, but yes…yes, it is!).  Being fairly new to the blogosphere, blogoverse, or whatever you want to call it, has really given me the opportunity to share some passions of mine that tend to get lost in the day to day hustle and bustle of life.


Thank you to all my family and friends, new and old, who frequently visit my little space in the world and faithfully read my ramblings.  Hopefully the loveliest parts of my blog are yet to come!

Step One: I would like to thank Kirsten of Tutus & Stilettos for nominating The Style Verdict for this award!  Kirsten’s blog is adorable, informative, and one I frequent – if nothing else ever comes from this post, you should at least give her a visit.

Thanks again, Kirsten, you made this blogger smile!

Step Two: Share 7 Random Facts About Yourself

1. I can recite most, if not all, of the prepositions in the English language in a sing-song fashion.  Please, hold your applause.

2. I have a yorkie.  She is the biggest, little lady in the whole world and we’re pretty much soul mates.

3. I secretly wish I were famous. Well, guess that secret’s out.  Honestly though, who doesn’t!? Not that this is a shock, but I’d love the free clothes and shoes…

4. Sometimes after listening to music, I think I can physically play the songs on a piano.  This wouldn’t be so far fetched if I actually knew (or could remember) how to play and read music.

5. I am allergic to nuts and various other peanut products, but I love the smell.  Can’t a girl get a Snickers?

6.  Fall is my favorite season. Oh hi, crunchy leaves!

7. I’m a lover of some trashy, reality TV…Kardashians/ Khloe and LamLam, Teen Mom, Dance Moms, The Voice, an occasional episode of Jersey Shore… don’t judge me…please?

Step Three: Nominate 15 (or so) other bloggers you admire and leave them a comment notifying them of the nomination.

1. SunnySideUp

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7. The Fashion Medley

Once again a big thank you to Kirsten!

Until tomorrow, lovelies…