Weekend Recap: Bubbles, Bynes, and Being Festive…


I hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day weekend (despite the oppressive temps and rain for those of you in my neck of the woods.)  I’m so happy it’s September… I’m a big fan of anything Fall and now, I can officially begin my obsession with pumpkin all over again.  Hubby and I spent some of the 90-degree weekend stowing away all that silly summer stuff and replacing it with Autumn staples.  Some of you may think it’s too early, but… (in the nicest way possible) we really don’t care 🙂 . Bring on the crunchy leaves, macintosh candles, and pumpkin carving, please.


If you’ve been following Lady Gaga at all recently, you’d know that she’s wearing far less costume makeup than usual and she’s been acting surprisingly normal.  “Normal” is obviously all relative, but let’s all just be happy she isn’t wearing meat or “incubating in an egg.” Okay, so she looked like toast (and then a little like The Little Mermaid gone bad) at the VMAs.  That’s still a far cry from 2012 Gaga.  Recently though, she wore a dress that made bubbles and proved that she’s still the eccentric gal we know and love.



I love how non-chalant she is about this.  She’s like “Yea, I’m wearing this really cool dress, heel-less shoes, and bubbles are surrounding me like the goddess that I am, jealous?.”  Well, actually, yes. I AM jealous and I’m not sure if that’s ever happened before with one of her outfits. This is glorious and I needed it, like yesterday. And the weird, bubble looking glasses, too.

In other news, Amanda Bynes tweeted out her first tweet since mid-July – you know, before her public meltdown.  While I was really hoping for something indicative of healing, progress, and sanity, all we got was: “I love drake.”  I mean, I don’t want to jump to any wild conclusions, but…I’m gonna go with a “no” on whether she’s recovered.


Let me just seamlessly transition from Amanda to Miley.  In a recent interview, she broke her silence on the VMA performance that stunned a nation.  Apparently she thinks we’re kind of crazy for dwelling on it.  I guess to an extent, we are guilty of giving it more attention than it probably deserves, but it’s so much more than a few gyrations and excessive foam finger humping – it’s indicative of what “entertainment” has become and how overly sexualized moves, lyrics, and attire can affect the lives of the millions of young, impressionable children who look up to these celebrities as role models.  As much as they claim that they are “living for themselves” or that they “never signed up to guide or influence children,” they are entertainers, they are in the public eye, and by default, that accountability is part of the deal.  And, ennddd scene. 

For more info on what Miley had to say, click the picture below!


Disclaimer: Forgive me if this post is a bit disorganized.  I came down with a terrible cold recently and life, like my head at the moment, is a bit…fuzzy.

What is the one Fall activity you look forward to most!?



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