Fabulously Functional: Versatile Jewels…



Let’s kick off the weekend with some fun accessories! Have you ever attended a home shopping party?  I hadn’t, until Wednesday and man, was I missing out.  What better excuse to look at amazing items, in my case lovely little bobbles from Stella & Dot, and spend some quality time with girlfriends (and some good wine, too)!


Now, I have been familiar with Stella & Dot jewelry for quite sometime; however, I never quite realized just how versatile each piece can be.  Sure, that intricate beaded statement necklace may be $128, but, when it can be worn in 5 different ways (yes, 5), now you’re looking at $25 per necklace and that’s definitely a win in my mind.

Prepare to be amazed:


And the magic doesn’t end with necklaces, how about a scarf that doubles as a beach coverup!? Ya, I know… “no, way”…but, “yes, yes way!” Check it out!

Looks like a regular scarf, right? Wrong! Click on the picture for a step-by-step video on it’s big transformation capabilities!


I also wasn’t truly aware of the message behind the company or the incentives of hosting a party.  Stella & Dot’s Founder and CEO, Jessica Herrin, created the company in the deep-rooted belief that having a successful home business run by the everyday, modern woman is possible.   Because as Jessica states, “nine-to-five just doesn’t flatter.” Fun Fact: Herrin, at just 24, created the website, The Wedding Channel.  She’s kind of amazing. 

From scarves to bags to wallets, and of course their signature chic and effortless jewelry, each piece is quality crafted and appears to mirror Jessica’s empowering message for the smart, stylish woman.

I’m definitely sold on everything from the products to the people standing behind them.  Now I just have to get some girls together and have a party of my own!  Who’s in?!

Here’s to friends, fabulous finds, and a fashionable weekend!



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