Worth It Wednesday…

ImageSkin.  It’s the largest organ in the human body and yet, sometimes it’s forgotten about the most.  We tend to take extreme measures to protect our heart, lungs, and brain, but our poor skin, which is exposed to so much of the world, often gets taken for granted.  Not only should we be moisturizing daily, but we should also be applying sunscreen when we venture outdoors.  Now, I realize this isn’t always feasible, but we can at least try, right!?  Hey, when it comes to sunscreen application, I’m the biggest rule breaker, there’s just something wonderful about achieving the perfect sun-kissed glow.  But there is one thing that I definitely won’t sacrifice in my skin care routine:       a good facial cleanser.


Side note: Washing my face is never this peaceful. Maybe I’m I doing it wrong.

Since I (sadly) wasn’t blessed with flawless skin, washing my face at least twice a day is a must if I want to avoid an oily, blemish ridden complexion.  After trying countless products – high-end, drugstore, prescription – I thought I’d never find my go-to beauty staple… until I got my hands on Cetaphil.  This gem lives up to its “gentle and effective” claim and even has a number of awards to prove it! (I’m a sucker for “awards”…) This brand has more than just a universal cleanser, too.  Cetaphil has multiple ones for multiple skin types – finally a company that recognizes the full gamut of skin issues and addresses them with products that actually work – what a novel idea! I’ve stuck to the originals for the cleanser and moisturizer, but I definitely plan on exploring their DermaControl line for those with blemish-prone skin.


Cetaphil products are easily accessible at most drugstores and major retailers, such as Walmart and Target.  Though slightly more expensive than other cleansers ($8.99-$12.99), I definitely think this product is worth the price tag!

What is your favorite skin care product?



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