Ask Me What Day It Is…

That’s right, people… it’s hump day (“whoo whoo!”) and what better time to do a product review.  I thought that going forward I’d designate the mid-week mark as “Worth It Wednesdays” where I’d discuss and review certain products to determine whether buying them is…wait for it… worth it.


Today, the product on the chopping block is: Too Faced Primed and Porelesss Skin Smoothing Face Primer ($30 at Sephora)


So about 3 weeks ago I was in the market for a new primer.  As much as I like to stay faithful to my favorites, I try and mix it up as much as possible – it’s always nice to try something new and gain a broader makeup/beauty knowledge base.  For those of you who may not be privy to the benefits of a primer, let me explain.  These magical, little tubes generally carry moisturizers to hydrate, even out, and perfect our skin before makeup is applied.  This allows for our face to look its best and breathe even when being virtually suffocated by foundations, bronzers, and blush.

After doing extensive research (hey, a girl’s gotta be an informed consumer, right!?), I found that Primed and Poreless would be best suited to give me that enviable airbrushed look that we’re all constantly striving for while also providing a mattifying, lustrous finish.

The product is nude colored, but turns clear upon application.  I loved the velvety texture and the way my skin felt with it on.  With that being said, I noticed my face would get increasingly more oily throughout the day, ultimately canceling out any mattifying properties the product originally possessed.  To add insult to injury, my sensitive skin put up a good fight in the breakout department, but ultimately lost.  Since I was in complete denial that this top-rated primer could leave me with such an unfortunate reaction, I kept using it for another week (dumb move).  Surprise, surprise…P&P was the culprit.  After discontinuing its use, my skin has finally mellowed out and I no longer look like a pre-pubescent version of myself (Thank God!).

Overall, I would recommend  this product to those lucky people who do not have acne prone skin.  For us sensitive gals, either steer clear of this one or check out their new line made to alleviate this very problem – the oil-free Primed and Poreless Pure.


Guess we can’t say Too Faced doesn’t listen to critiques!

What’s your favorite primer?

Happy shopping!



P.S.  I’m really hoping you all have seen the latest Geico commercial otherwise, the title of this post would really be falling on deaf ears (or eyes).  If you haven’t, check it out below – it gets me every time!

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