20 Years Of Awesome…

Happy 20th Anniversary, Christian Louboutin!  Your iconic designs have graced some very fortunate soles for generations and brought confidence and sex appeal to a level few thought was possible by simply wearing a shoe. This by no means is a small feat, and for that the culture of fashion will forever be indebted to your innovative vision.

Need some recent Loubi news? Try these two stories on for size:

1. Louboutin World was proud to announce the grand opening of an Istanbul boutique yesterday! Hurray for expanding on the already established 50 stores world-wide! I was lucky enough to visit the Miami boutique this past year – shoe heaven!

Sneak a peak!





 2. Christian was in Boston yesterday to celebrate his 20th anniversary at Saks.  Lucky for everyone who attended, there was a meet and greet. Sad for me, I wasn’t part of that “everyone.”  Epic fail on my part. He’ll come back soon… right?

Louboutin World shared this behind the scenes photo of a shoe good enough to eat…literally!


Until next time red-sole lovers…



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