Diamonds: A Girl’s Best Friend or A Wallet’s Enemy…

Let’s be honest, diamonds are pretty amazing from how they look to how they’re formed (talk about pressure to be beautiful! — sorry for the pun,…just had to). These dazzling beauties are of the most coveted stones on Earth whether they are on your neck, on your ears, or on your pretty little left ring finger. But recent trends have broadened our bedazzled horizons by creating some of the most exquisite, and outrageously lavish, diamond laden designs.

Try the World’s Most Expensive Dress on for size…



The elaborate handmade dress by British designer, Debbie Wingham, is encrusted with 50 two-carat black diamonds and weighs roughly 29 pounds – that’s a workout in itself.  To put things in perspective, the bustier alone took six months to complete!  As expected, the whopping price tag of £3.5m, or $5,600,000 dollars, reflects the dress’ extravagant nature and intricate designs.


If that beauty didn’t tickle your fancy, how about this one…

Black. Diamond. Nail. Polish.


This bottle of nail polish (varnish) by LA jeweler and self-proclaimed “Black Diamond King”, Azature, retails for $250,000 and boasts 267- carats of black diamonds.  Honestly, I can’ve believe this even exists.  Please take my opinion with a grain of salt, as my nails typically look homeless…I try, I really do.. but my nails just hate me. Anyway, Kelly Osbourne had the honor of clothing her nails in this lovely, sparkly number at the 2012 Emmy Awards. Kelly, by the way, is only the second person to ever wear this varnish – second to none-other than the the ‘glam queen’ herself, Jennifer Lopez.


Don’t get me wrong, it looks great.. but I really could never justify any more than $8 on any given nail polish (you’re the best, Essie!). Fear not ultimate fashionistas, there is a significantly lower priced Azature alternative for around $25 that is now available at Fred Segal/Ron Robinson. Even at the new “low” price, the alternative polish would have to do a lot more than sit on my nails and look pretty…maybe if it went to work for me, cleaned the house, washed the dishes/clothes, and actually brought in an income, etc. then mayyybeee…

What do you think? Too extreme or every girls’ dream?




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