Cozy Up With A Homemade Pumpkin Spice Latte…

Hold the phone…homemade pumpkin spice lattes!? Yes, please… I’ll take 28 2 because I’m modest. Honestly though, this is so great. Check out this recipe (and scrumptious pictures) posted by Lezoemusings. Your taste buds with thank you later.


That time of the yr is inevitably approaching. The time when the foliage begin their natural color change, the air is crisp, and falling in love (all over again) is ideal.

The first gift that I ever received from my husband (also happened to be the first time we met in person…yep, we are an online couple!) was a poem, handwritten by him on a piece of opaque paper. Behind the paper was an image of fall w/ the trees & their fallen leaves lining a barren road. It’s beautiful! That was 12 yrs ago & now the piece of art hangs in our living room.

I LOVE autumn b/c for me it signals a slew of holidays coming. Not to mention, fall festivities are so much fun! They totally prepare you for the holiday spirit.

But nothing screams the initial approach of fall more than latte sipping tendencies… pumpkin…

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