Cupcakes on wheels…

That’s right, friends..cupcakes. on. wheels. How great is that?  I’m not sure why no one has ever thought of this before (at least in the Merrimack Valley, MA area), but I’m SO glad Nadine of Pipe Dream Cupcakes had this ingenious idea and implemented it in a flawless fashion.

I know at this point you’re probably drooling intrigued, so let me put things in perspective with a picture.


Pretty awesome, huh?  This hidden, well..actually mobile, gem is not only completely adorable, but also absolutely delicious.  My fiance and I had the pleasure of literally stumbling upon it 2 weeks ago and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since (…in the most non-creepy way possible..?).  We were completely hooked after purchasing 4 cupcakes from Nadine herself.

Get out your napkins, here’s what we got:








Hard to believe, but they taste better than they look, and let’s face it, they look pretty great.  The talented Nadine, like her cupcakes, was also extremely sweet and took the time to talk to us and let us into paradise her confectionary riddled world.  All the cupcakes aboard her mobile bakery are prepared fresh each morning and it shows. 

For more information, her current location, anddd more pictures of cupcakes,

visit her website:

her Facebook page: Pipe Dream Cupcakes

her twitter: @PipeDreamCup

or call: (978) 397- 6470

Here’s to finding sweet treats in the streets!



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